Remote Support Call Center

Who Are We?

We're the most Simple, Reliable & Affordable, Online Tech Help Provider!
Residential & Business customers from anywhere in the world rely on our ability to service their IT needs, in about an hour, with our flat rate remote support services.

Service Pillars:

Simple - Understanding what customers need from a remote support provider, we've designed our system to be the most easiest and fastest way to get the Tech Help you need.

Reliable - Built by the best in Tech & Client Relations. Management is designed to scale to fit your needs, from the cloud. Our US Techs are hand-picked for superior technical/customer service skills.

Affordable - Why pay hundreds with local IT shops or big box retailers? All services are only $49.99 per issue, not per hour. With our flat rate, pay-as-you-go, remote Tech Help pricing. No contracts or monthly fees!

How It Works

  • Free Diagnosis - To get started, click ‘Choose a Service’ above or call us: 855-365-CURE - A Cloud Tech will personally work with you to analyze the source of your problems, offering a service to fix.
  • Service Offer - Once your Cloud Tech has found the cause of the problem, we explain the issues and offer flat rate services to resolve the problem(s). If it can be repaired remotely, the tech will offer to perform the service.
  • Solution Performed - When you accept the service offer, you'll be guided through our simple & secure payment system. The Tech will perform the services with you, or can call back when finished. We verify our work!
  • Feedback Welcomed - Once your needs are met, you're prompted with a feedback window after the Tech disconnects. We value your feedback and want to ensure that you had an excellent experience. Thank you!